Only 0.6% of California Attorneys Are State Bar Certified Specialists in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law.

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About Stephen Wood Esq.

State Bar Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate Law

Stephen is a State Bar of California Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate Law. To earn the designation of a Certified Specialist, Stephen passed a second bar exam and was favorably recommended by his peers as an expert in his legal field. Only .6% of attorneys in California are Certified Specialists in Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate Law.
For nearly a decade, Stephen has prepared hundreds of estate plans and administered countless trusts. Through his experience, he has gained valuable insight into how to craft a top-notch estate plan that avoids the common pitfalls others make.

​Stephen received his J.D. from the William S. Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawaii where he graduated near the top of his class. He completed his undergraduate education in French Studies and Anthropology at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

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Living Trusts and Estate Planning

Estate Planning means setting up a will or trust to give what you have to whom you want, the way you want and when you want. It also means naming people you trust to take care of you and your loved ones if you become disabled.

Estate Planning is essential for everyone. So essential in fact that the government creates a plan for you if you don’t. Although well meaning, countless drawbacks exist with the government’s plan, such as court involvement, substantial legal fees, potential taxes, and leaving yourself and loved ones vulnerable to financial predators and creditors. The amount of time, stress, and money that you can save by setting up an Estate Plan is clear.

The most common hurdle to Estate Planning is procrastination. Most people know they need to do it, but don’t know where or how to start.

Special Needs Trust

If you have a child or other loved one with special needs, you know very well the hard work that goes into making sure your loved one is well cared for and receives all the opportunities they need to succeed in life. A Special Needs Trust is a powerful tool that ensures your loved one is cared for after you are gone and that they still maintain their government benefits. Stephen has given numerous presentations to different special needs advocacy groups about special needs trusts and helped countless families set up a special needs trust for their loved one.

Trust Administration and Probate

When someone dies, whether or not they have a trust, there is work to be done. If there is a trust, we will advise the Trustee on their legal duties and help them through the entire process. If someone dies without a trust, a probate will likely be needed if the estate has real property or is valued at more than $150,000. For smaller estates, there is an easier process to transfer assets to heirs. Regardless of your situation, if a loved one has died, we are here to help.

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"Stephen setup SNT for us with very little effort on our part. Communications with his office is easy with no phone menu trees or phone tag. Gets back promptly so you don't feel lost. Expect a 4" thick Trust binder when you are done."
John R.
"I found Stephen Wood a skilled attorney in the area of wills, special needs trusts and limited conservatorship. He is kind and gentle in his approach and during our consultation I felt he was very trustworthy. He has genuine concern for special needs individuals and the family. I would not hesitate to refer any friend or acquaintance Stephen's excellent service"
"Stephen was my attorney with a Trust distribution. He was very helpful with handling what I couldn't and did it in a timely manner. I would refer him to someone that needs someone who is very professional."

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